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White Wines
fleur de roussanne-chignin bergeron-jean perrier
Chignin Bergeron Médaille Argent Paris
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75 cl

Grape : Roussane or Bergeron. Fragile grapes, late ripeness. Small and cylindrical grape.white golden grapes, almost russet. Wine variety from Côtes du Rhône .
Vineyards’s production : 4 500 HL. It's 4 percent of the white wines and 3 percent of the whole production of Savoie wines.
Roussane grape variety
Chignin Bergeron
Terroir : Argilo-Calcaire, Southeast exhibition
Winemaking : Manual harvest, pneumatic pressing. Clarification vinification heat regulated at 20°, fermentation during three weeks. When the alcoholic fermentation is over, malolactic fermentation starts: the malic acid is degraded into lactic acid, it allows to lawer the wine acidity and avoid fermentation in the bottle. Thanks to this you have round wines with a long finish in palate and you can keep them longer.
Production area : It's produced in Chignin, Francin and Montmélian.
Tasting :

Colour :  Clear and shiny yellow gold.
Nose : Very intense with apricot and violet, almond paste.
Palate : Round and open attack. Violet and apricot make us think about Bergeron from Côtes du Rhône where we also find Roussane. Good balance between roundness and fruit.Long frank finish.

Here is Roussane with its pure flavour
Laying down : You can keep it from two to five years.
Temperature : between 8 & 10°.
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