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Vins Perrier in Savoy
The Perrier's History
Vinegrower since 1853, the history of Perrier society is linked to the history of wines in Savoie and the Alpes (France). 
Wines of Savoy represent a quint and wild way of life, famous around the world.
Wine from Savoie remains a unique tradition in the winegrowing French world.
From Apremont to Méthode traditionelle of Savoie, going through Chignin, Gamay or Mondeuse, they represent a quint and wild way of life, famous around the world.Wine from Savoie remains a unique tradition in the winegrowing French world.
  • 1853: Born in 1820 in Barberaz, Catherin PERRIER bought a cellar in St André les Marches and starts growing a vine next to the mountain «Mont Granier».
  • 1911: Claude Emile Perrier, his son, buys a second cellar and has to start again because the vine is dead from phylloxéra.Vinegrower and trader, he delivers cafe owners on donkeys back!
  • 1920: Jean Perrier, son of Claude Emile extends the vineyard and the cellar.
  • 1947:Jean Victor Perrier , son of Jean extends the lands and is the first in Savoie to bottle the wine.
  • 1953: Jean Perrier buys a licence of Wine trading. He sells 150000 liters a year and farms Two hectares and 50 ares of vines with 2 employees.
  • 1964: Gilbert Perrier, son of JeanVictor, nowadays President starts working in the firm.
  • 1970: The firm becomes a SA
  • 1973: The first bottling line is set up: 2000 bottles an hour.Extension of the cellars and new winery.
    Savoie Wines become an AOC.
Wines from savoie get the AOC (of controlled origin in France)
  • 1983-84: A new winery of 7000 hectoliters and bottle line of 6000bottles/hour
         The two elder sons arrive in the firm.
  • 1993:The third son joins them.It's the whole team:Philippe,Christophe and Gilles share the tasks of vinification, trade, administration and marketing.
  • 1997:Gilbert Perrier is "Chevalier de l'ordre du mérite agricole"
  • 1996-1997-1998:Extension of the stocking area. Extension of the vinification cellar(10000 liters), the bottlt line and computing.
  • 1999: March:reward for the Internet site"Exportateur sur la toile"
  • 2000: New cellar of 2000m2 in a new site. 33 employees
  • 2001: Extension of the farming area with grape varieties of Gamay,Mondeuse and Chignin bergeron.
  • 2002: New grape variety Altesse.Extension of the farming area with Monterminod Castle. The total area is now 36 hectares.
  • 2003: 50 years birthday of Perrier wines.
  • 2008: Extension of the farming area on 8 towns with an area of 50 hectares.
  • 2009: New vine in Candie's Castle, near Chambéry.
  • 2014: Area production : 59 Hectares.

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